Purpose of the Science TV Series

The purpose of the TV series is to build science and technology culture in the Ethiopia through motivating innovator students and fellow youths to engage in the sciences. Moreover, adults in the stream will also recall and refresh their prior knowledge using the program. This is to be a high-quality television production that will educate targeted children and adults in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This is aimed at enriching youths to develop problem solving skills and innovations that would ease their life and the life of their surrounding community.

Expected audience

This is a production and broadcast of a TV Series on Science aimed primarily on children in the age range of 6 to 12 years and beyond including youths as secondary targets.

About production and crew of the TV series

The major areas of focus of the program include: STEM Center activities of STEM SYNERGY Ethiopia, National and International Science events in-depth reporting, Activities in the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology activities in Schools, already done documentaries and/or TV programs with Amharic transcription (e.g. Mr. Wizard 1950's video and other selected videos edited with Amharic sound translations). It also includes latest STEM info's from across the globe.

Biographies of the production Crew

1. Solomon Meshesha : Professional Cameraman with seven plus years of Experience in Media program camera operating. Diploma on Cinematography
2. Yonatan Mirye: Editor and Camera operator having eight years of Experience in the field and Diploma on Cinematography.
3. Rahel Wondimu-BA in Journalism and communication and about six years of experience as a talk show facilitator.
4. Benjamin Abdu: Software Engineer Website Developer, Visual effect Expert and overall IT assistant Software Engineer and Website developer having many years of experience since his high school studies.
5.Two light men: Tamrat Gebre and Yosef Belay-Students of Cinematography In addition to this over 20 students are taking part as TV presenters and talk show hosts in the TV series from Kotebe Science Shared Campus.
And finally Yared Gebremeden: Overall facilitator and Director of the program who is in charge of this project is a graduate from AAU on TV Journalism, another BA on Foreign language, plus English language Literature on Diploma and currently an MA student on Leadership and Management with over 12 years of experience in the area. Until recently this senior journalist was a highly recognized Ethiopian Herald Newspaper Senior editor who wrote countless articles and news.

Broadcast schedules of the show

The broadcast schedule and time which is now at the final stage is on the way and it will be announced to the program soon on Addis TV (the Former Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation channel two) or LTV. And the links to "program segments" of the TV series are to be uploaded to YouTube.

And this is component of STEM Synergy's Science TV series strategy which is currently on the way to production and upcoming soon on TV broadcasts.