STEM TV Series programs

STEM Synergy and YG Productions
14 Jun 2018

Below is a list of programs that STEM Synergy and YG Productions  have produced and broadcast (on Walta TV) for the Ethiopian viewing audience in East Africa, as well as for the Ethiopian diaspora in the USA and world-wide.  Most students depicted study in the 6th grade to 12th grade, all over Ethiopia and nearby.  Ethiopian peoples’ usually speak in the Amharic semitic language, or sometimes in other local dialects, though the English language is also increasingly understood and taught.  The Fidel alphabetic lettering system is read & written by more than 100 million people.  Many of our videos have English subtitles, for a universal understanding.

YG Productions: located in the Capital Addis Ababa. For more on STEM activities in Ethiopia, please visit:

And watch documenetries broadcasted on Walta Satelite Ethiopian TV. And share, comment and support our vision.